Travel resources

A list of stuff I can’t live without.

TRAVEL particularly for their to ‘everywhere’ search term for when I want to go somewhere cheaply but don’t know where – which is most of the time. to buy PDF country chapters to put on my iPad because carrying a book is too heavy. for making sense of the world of trains.

ACCOMMODATION for when I can’t stand the thought of staying in a hostel or can’t find one. for when I feel like cat sitting.


My iPad – which has become what Wilson was to Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway.

My new Nikon CoolPix P510, generously donated by a blog reader. You know who you are and one day when I’m back in New Zealand I promise to buy you a flat white!

My Nokia ‘brick’ phone with built-in flashlight and snake – because it’s awesome and indestructible.

MONEY MATTERS because I still can’t for the life of me open a bank account in the United Kingdom.


Earplugs – because you can’t sleep in a dorm room without them.

A silk liner – because bed bugs can’t bite through silk!

My Kathmandu puffer jacket – because it’s almost a rite of passage that every New Zealand backpacker has one.

Jandals – because you can’t use a communal shower without fear of contracting some foot disease without them.

Travel clothesline – because then you can turn your bunk bed railings into a portable clothesline to hang up your clothes once you’ve washed them in the sink.

Numerous power point adapters – because they always get stolen.

Baby wipes – because they are an instant shower after dreaded overnight buses and trains.


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