On golden pond

In New Zealand we have this thing called ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ which basically means we don’t like to stand out from the crowd.

Well today I say screw Tall Poppy Syndrome, because today we dominated in the Olympic men’s rowing and should be bloody proud of it.

I was lucky enough to watch the golden moments with London’s most staunch New Zealand supporters at Kiwi House and can honestly say, aside from Anzac Day, I have never been prouder to call New Zealand home.

Apologises in advance for the photographic proof but it’s pretty hard to record audio for my radio reporting gig and take photos at the same time using the same iPhone.

Anyway I’ll work with what I’ve got… so here’s the crowd of 300 watching our men’s pair of Hamish Bond and Eric Murray take gold.


And a few minutes later Mahe Drysdale backed it up with another gold in the men’s single skulls.


That’s our forth medal on the pond, with Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan yesterday taking gold in the men’s double skulls and Rebecca Scown and Juliette Haigh taking the bronze in the women’s pairs.

Not bad for a population of 4.5 million.

And I’ll finish by pointing out (given our fierce rivalry with Australia) that our ratio of golds to our across the ditch counterparts is now 3-1.

Yeah boy!


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