Dirty old Paris

One of the first things that confronted me in Paris was a hairy vagina.

And in many ways it set the tone for the rest of the visit.

The vagina in question was a painting called ‘The Origin of the World’ at Museum d’Orsay – a wonderful museum based in an old train station.



I’ve got to say I was quite blown away by the vagina’s presence in the museum – I just wasn’t expecting to see something like that there.

But I wasn’t the only one and being a massive fan of people watching I did get some perverse pleasure out of standing in a quiet corner and watching people’s reactions to it when they walked in.


My girls’ night out with my new Australian friends from my hostel soon ventured south too.

It began innocently enough over a bottle of wine and a plate of fromage.


But it quickly went downhill when we went in search of a cocktail and got presented with this menu.


Carrying on the theme, it seemed only appropriate that I order the Le Vag, while the two other girls ordered the Le Clit and Le Douce respectively.

But the icing on the cake came in the form of two hilarious text messages from one of the girls’ French friends.

Being polite when he text to say he was in hospital visiting a friend, she text back asking what was wrong with him.

Soon after she received this reply.


Dumbfounded as to what that entirely meant she text back for clarification.


Oh well, I guess you’ve got to expect the so-called ‘City of Love’ to have some un-intended consequences every once in awhile.


3 thoughts on “Dirty old Paris

  1. Rachael you are a freaking crack up. Love your blog. And I just booked tickets to spend new year’s in Paris, so now I’m all hyped. About the museum and the wine and the plate of fromage. Not so much about the… other stuff.

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