The journey is the reward

For the first time in my life I feel like writing. Ok, that’s not entirely true. For the first time in my life I feel like writing, not as a journalist and not as a spin doctor, but for me.

This somewhat monumental discovery occurred to me about a week ago, mid-way through a two month journey through South East Asia, which happens to be the first leg of my open-ended OE.

It was a surprise, in fact, about as much of a suprise as finding yourself suddenly single, unemployed, and strangely to report at the tender age of 25, on the verge of burnout.

So as I went to blow out my 25th birthday candles on a cream cake that tasted strangely like shaving foam, on a Vietnamese night train bed which bore some previous traveller’s pubic hair, I made just one birthday resolution: act my age.


I fear until now I’ve taken life far too seriously.

So this year and perhaps for the only time in my life I’m going to act my age and this blog is going to help me remember it.

And, after chewing through the Isaac Walterson biography on the late Steve Jobs I’ve also decided to live by a Steve Jobs quote, or atleast travel by it, “the journey is the reward.”

I’ve had to tell myself that on a few occasions so far: like when my roommate of a month had a long-winded case of what one seven year old I know aptly calls “squirty poos,” when a broken couple on the same tour would say things to each other like, “I’ve got one bullet left alright, just tell me when you want to use it,” and when on my first day in Cambodia our bus overheated in 40 degree heat leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere with no shade.


Yes, the journey is the reward.

But right now that journey is pretty rewarding as I’m spending my days lazing on the white sand beaches of Thailand with two girlfriends.


However, at this very moment it’s far too hot to do that. As one of my friends puts it in the middle of the day in South East Asia, “even your sweat sweats.”

So I’ll use this time to try and backfill this blog with the highlights and lowlights of the past six weeks.

If only I’d stumbled across my desire to blog sooner. Oh well, better late than never right?


3 thoughts on “The journey is the reward

  1. Hey Rachael – love the blog! Glad you’re having a great time too. We had a 7.2 reunion, but it just wasn’t the same without you :o)

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